The Bridge at Dozan, Bolan Pass, near Quetta, Pakistan

The Bridge at Dozan, Bolan Pass, near Quetta, Pakistan
The bridge carried both road and rail over a creek bed. The bed had to be dug out by hand over many days, with much help freely given by locals. Click on the photo and scroll down, to bring up the story of this bridge. Go to: to find more.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Look What Turned Up!

From a thoughtful bus enthusiast come these photos of Albert taken in "the lost years", between his last trip back to UK in 1976, and his reunion with Andy in 2008.

They appear to come from the camera of a UK photographer, a bus spotter, who has given date and location.
Albert rests from his labours: two return journeys from Sydney to London and no less than 13 trips from London to Calcutta.

 In  a yard near Spalding in the East Coast county of Lincolnshire, Albert was found a temporary home with a collector of buses.

After many years he was acquired by a young woman, Laura,  who managed to drive the bus to Winkleigh in the West Country of England. The roof underwent a strange "face lift", to create more headroom upstairs and as far as is known, Albert became a home for an "alternative lifestyle".

He was then bought by a Scottish bus enthusiast. The location Battersea in London is mentioned in the photo captions:  not clear why this was. Battersea is a long way from North Devon.

The story then moves to Scotland. Beith Bus Museum is in Scotland, not far to the South-West of Glasgow.

To judge from these two photos a great deal of money was spent on restoring the body panels, mudguards etc. Towing a bus from London to Glasgow cannot have been cheap, either.

The order of events here is very vague:  clarification is being sought.........

editor's note: the photos, obtained from a bus enthusiast site, describe the bus as having a body built by Commonwealth Engineering. In fact the bodywork is by Clyde Engineering, Granville NSW.

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